Artisan Frames

A Brief Guide to Framing Artwork

A Brief Guide to Framing Artwork

Making a statement with our bespoke picture frames will make an impact on your home environment. By going bespoke you get a more individual finish and is likely to be unique for your home style.

Your art may reflect your lifestyle whether it is cycling, cars, photography or your family events. Apart from giving you pleasure seeing them each day it may mark an occasion or memory you don’t want to forget. So it is important to do it right.

Considerations to Make


The size of the artwork whether it need to fill a large or small space. So the scale of the artwork together with available wall space is a definite consideration. We can help advise on any printing sizes for family photos or wall montages you may want to create.

Complimentary Frames

You may want to hang several related pieces or one bold piece of art. Will you be able to mix and match different frames and types of art within the room. At Artisan Frames we have a wide range of picture frame types and some ranges we can show you compliment each other very well. A selection of options is shown below.

IMG 2239

Type of Art

The types of art that we receive at Artisan Frames vary from Abstract Art, Pop Art to more traditional pieces such as antique Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Etchings.

Information We Need to Help You

The decisions you will need to make when visiting Artisan Frames are to:

  • Size of your artwork or photo
  • Consider where you are likely to hang this picture
  • Room colours
  • What type of environment you are trying to create
  • Does the work need extra frame protection
  • Is it positioned in a very sunny room?


And lastly, let us know if there is deadline for completion or needed for a special event. We will assist meet those important birthdays, weddings, presentation dates and overall meet your expectations with our bespoke features and high quality materials that will last. We are dedicated to perfection every time!

Contact Us With Your Requirements

We're always happy to discuss requirements, framing options, design ideas and pricing with our customers - helping you make an informed decision about the frame you choose for your artwork. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project. Contact us today.