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Framing Expertise

Framing Expertise

We are a shop that sells more than simple framing, a lot of the time our customers don’t see finished pieces of memorabilia framing like this that comes in and is despatched quickly. They often arrive in broken frames, worn dirty ribbons on tarnished medals.

It is a great opportunity to be asked to protect and preserve these important, historical, and sensitive family heirlooms.

We then plan out from our list of services what is needed, for instance, medal cleaning,

We can mount all sorts of items with special mounting accessories and pockets and small box frames within frames for deeper and larger items.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise has helped to advise and carefully plan with the customer, the overall frame style. We eventually chose to match the subject and a rusted metal rope frame to suit. Shaped cut outs using our unique skilled frame designs for the mountboard.

Here are a few other types of memorabilia recently framed:

Exp 2

A very wide range of military memorabilia such as ties, veteran badges, hats, flags, awards and certificates